Karen Skehel - The Art of Feeling Good

Having worked with hundreds of clients over the last 12 years to achieve their versions of work that they love, loving relationships, the money they want, vibrant health and energy and time to play; Karen has learnt that underneath these external measures of happiness and success, are the desire, need and the search for sustained inner feel-good experiences. These include the inner experiences of love, connection, inner peace, inspiration, happiness, joy, fun, passion, ease, flow, self- belief, inner-confidence, empowerment, grounded-ness, intuition, safety, healing, manifestation, balance, and/or being conscious (and the list can go on).

The Law of Attraction tells us that raising our vibration (and feeling good), is key to manifesting the results we want in our lives. When we feel good, our need for the external measures of "success" are reduced which paradoxically makes it so much easier to achieve our goals and the outcomes we desire. Choose the inner experience you'd like more of in your life and I will help you realise it using coaching, guided meditation, energy work, gratitude practices and self love. At The Art of Feeling Good, I will help you create your personal blue print for inner feel goodî, clear your personal blocks and help you manifest life-changing results using a variety of transformational processes, guided and moving meditations, and energy work. You can choose the experiences or feelings you want more of in your life and I will help you realise those.

If now ís the time to respond to your Soul's Calling for "Feeling Good", this session may be the perfect opportunity to begin this process.

Karen Skehel is a Mind, Body, Spirit change agent, who brings over 25 years of business and personal development experience to her work.

She has been practising Healing Dance and Movement Therapy since 2005. In May 2011, she appeared on the BBC's equivalent in South Korea teaching it as part of a documentary on dance as therapy, alongside facilitators from all over the world. She has also taught a session for BBC1 Inside Out series where she showed 3.6 million viewers how Londoner's can have fun without alcohol. Healing Dance is one of her greatest passions. She says in the book "A Coach's Story" published by Bookshaker: "This dance and movement-based process is very powerful for facilitating nurturing, healing and love. In fact, this method is so powerful and effective, I cannot not offer it to the world". She has also developed a new treatment process which combines coaching and healing therapies. Named Chikara (meaning "powerful" in Japanese), the process has been described as beautiful, powerful and unique by one of the UK's Reiki Masters.

She has coached in front of 1.5 million people on ITV's most popular day time programme, and has also appeared on ITV2. Her tips for success in business have been broadcast on radio to 25 markets in the US. She wrote for Natural Health Magazine as The Soul Doctor and The Life Coach contributing a page addressing readers' life challenges every month. She has pioneered the use of self-healing coaching to help people reduce or overcome the symptoms of long-standing or so-called incurable conditions.

Find out more about her coaching at www.wow-coaching.co.uk