The 9th Annual Festival of Life - transforming consciousness in the year 2012!!  Saturday 29th September 2012

PARTICIPATING in the Festival

Our Ethos: Festival of Life is multi-faceted yet sitting quietly at its core there is a strong vegan policy – i.e. No animal products including - honey, leather, feathers, silk, wool, sea shells, eggs, milk, fish etc… We prefer that all participants be practising or at least be sympathetic to vegetarian/ vegan ideals. Please note that we are a non-profit organisation affiliated to the Permaculture Association.

• For further information on hiring an indoor TABLE or space for a GAZEBO outside, please go to the Stalls page, from where you can link to the floor plan and booking form.. • If you wish to attend and would like to be kept up to date with progress, and news of similar events, and are not already on our mailing list, and/or if you would like to help us deliver the festival on the day, please go to the Contact Form. If you wish to present or perform, read on . .

Presenters & Performers (NB proposal forms link from the foot of this page, but please read this first)

We are grateful to all those who offer to give talks, workshop, demonstrations or performances at Festival of Life. Due to lack of funding, we are unable to pay commercial rates for this service.To avoid discrimination on income grounds, minimal charges are made for entry to the festival to cover the cost of the venue, publicity, and organisation.

Therefore we hope that participants see this as an opportunity to perform a self-less service for the benefit of the greater community as well as promoting your own business. The Festival provides participants with free promotion in association with the event, on the website and in the programme, and on the day itself, as well as free entry to the evening Dance and Celebration and we invite you to offer reciprocal publicity, in the spirit of supporting the festival as a whole.

How to Apply: Presentations are booked separately from stalls. Sessions are mostly either 30 or 60 minutes including time for Questions & Answers, with half an hour between sessions to allow for changeover. Presentations already booked are indicated in the Programme Summary Chart so have a look and see what's still available before filling in the form, which enables you to request a particular time-slot and location, and to put full details of what you are proposing, and let us know of any time constraints.
When we reply to your proposal, we will give you a link to the draft location of your event, and our contact details. Please note that changes may have to be made as the festival builds in order to accommodate other presenters who have particular time constraints, but if we do need to move your slot, we will contact you again about it. If you find that something has come up that prevents you attending, however little notice of this you have, please let us know, as by then, there may be a waiting list.
On the day: Please report to the Presenters Desk on arrival, and find out how to contact the steward for the area where you are presenting. When it's time for your slot, you should be able to gain entry to the room 15 minutes beforehand, and if you have any problems, contact your steward if they are not already in the vicinity. Please ensure that if you want contact details of your participats, that you arrange this before the end of the allocated time, and vacate the room promptly for the next speaker at quarter to the published starting time, so that you do not take up time from the next presentation with your book sales - the proposal form enables you to request space on a shared sales area, and you can ask attendees to assemble there, or at another pre-arranged point - details such as this will be advised to you in the run-up to the festival..
In the park, performances in the cafe area are "open to the public" so that people in the neighbourhood may join in on a voluntary donation basis. Workshops in closed marquees will be manned by stewards who will request that attendees have paid, and we request that presenters co-operate with these arrangements.

Free Ticket: Each speaker has free entrance - this will not be issued beforehand - simply report to the Presenters Desk on arrival. You are allowed another free ticket only for a co-presenter - this does not include free entry for your whole class for a demo session! - please note that there is no external funding for this festival, which is entirely self-supporting, with sterling costs funded only by stall-holders and paying participants.

As our programme has expanded, so has the number of free entries, and if you do need assistants with free entry, please either arrange payment for their tickets, or ask them to register as a volunteer in advance, as other presenters and stall-holders may also be in need of assistance. Likewise, if you have no assistant and require support, eg for unloading, carrying, setting up equipment, demonstrations etc, or for accommodation, you can request this via the volunteer system.

If you are happy with the above arrangements,
please complete the
which will come to us as an email message.