The 9th Annual Festival of Life - transforming consciousness in the year 2012!!  Saturday 29th September 2012

Performers Proposal Form

Apologies for the formal layout of this form, which we are introducing for performers this year to make sure we can support and promote you to the same high level as we are supporting Talk and Workshop presenters. First please read The Ethos, Terms and Conditions of Festival of Life as set out in the Participating page, and also what has been booked so far for this year's Programme - NB you click through via a link on the page for each room to view last year's archived programme.

Name of Group if any:
If relevant, names of Group Members:
Street Address: Village/neighbourhood:
Town/borough: County/city: Postcode:
Primary Phone: Secondary Phone :
Website (if any):
Most importantly, your EMAIL ADDRESS:
I heard about the festival from:
I can help with publicity for the festival by:

THIS INFORMATION IS FOR PUBLICATION on our Website and Festival Programme
Name of Presenter/s or Group
Description of what what people can expect in the workshop or performance

Brief Biography:

Phone: Website (if any):
Photo: I am happy to use a photo you already have on file I would like to submit a new one (you can send it as an attachment once we have acknowledged your application).

OTHER NON PUBLIC INFORMATION to assist us to plan the programme:
Format :
Length of Presentation: 15-minutes 30-minutes looking for a major slot

Preferred Time Slot (approximately - timetable may be adjusted):
11am • 12noon • 1pm • 2pm • 3pm • 4pm • 5pm • 6pm • 7pm • 8pm • 9pm
Time Constraints:
please indicate any time constraints, due to travelling, other commitments, etc, especially times to avoid:

Preferred Location:
OUTSIDE: • Cafe Area (Music) • Kidzone Workshop Tent
INSIDE: • Lobby (Forum) • Brockway Room (Evening Workshops) • Main Stage (Day = Workshops / Evening = Gig)

Audio-Visual Requirements (please tick all that apply): CD Player Projector Amplification
Please specify further:
Equipment you can supply, and whether you would consider making it available to other presenters:
SALES: Please list any Books/CDs etc with prices, that you would like to sell on a volunteer-suppported table:

Thank you for your offer to participate in Festival of Life - we will respond as soon as possible about where we can fit you in.