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The Cathar Association - Cathar Spiritual Practice
How to achieve personal and global liberation from the material world through a cathartic transformational process using ancient spiritual practices from Hyperborea and Atlantis.
The Cathar Association are part of an international modern day Cathar movement which is actively restoring the archetype of the Holy Grail with the golden virtues of love, peace, harmony, beauty, wisdom, and purity.
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Daniel Harris - Creating Peace
We will connect to our inner vision of peace with body, mind, heart and soul. Within us and outside of us - personal, local and global. We will interweave through movement, stillness, meditation, visioning, dreaming, sharing, listening, discussion, reflexion, gibberish, play, objective analysis, feeling, breathing and manifestation. By examining our relationship to our vision of peace we can begin to realise it in harmony with our most outlandish desires. Peace is so emotive that our blocks and dodges become visible before us. Peace becomes a metaphor for things that we truly want in our lives but seem unobtainable. We can pass beyond and around these blocks by understanding their influence on our decisions and actions. We break through by describing, visioning, feeling and sharing our future world desired. We can create holographic visions within ourselves and radiate this energy out to the world.

I have been running Creating Peace workshops at festivals and positive change events since 2004. I've just set up a company called World Peace Now Foundation CIC to take the ideas I've gained from the workshops on to the Web – it's exciting! I earn money through researching into social networking and other Internet technologies for the European Union. I'm living my dream. Since early on in my life I've been drawn to being concerned for the human condition. Initially this manifested through song writing. I continue to write songs and perform them. I studied art and design at Camberwell before diving headlong into a roller coaster of the media and Internet industries. It's OK. I survived and learnt a little more about the human condition along the way. Now drawing on the skills of process management and creative design I have created a workshop to assist us all to connect to ourselves and manifest our inner visions for peace within our own lives and the world at large.
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Mothiur Rahman - Community Charters: A Tool for Earth Stewardship
Community Charters are a community response to a dominant worldview which authorises the destruction of Nature in the name of economic gain.  It presents a community's vision for its long-term ecological and economic future.  It brings people together to find the direction towards the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, within a legal framework to help build momentum for that change.   It is inspired by the Community Bill of Rights movement in the United States, and Polly Higgin's movement for a law of Ecocide.  The first Community Charter to be created in the UK was in Falkirk to oppose an application by Dart Energy to drill commercially for Coal-Bed Methane (similar to fracking).  This workshop will help you understand what Community Charters are, create a space for dialogue to look deeply into the kind of world our hearts long for, and explore how a Community Charter might help your community bring about that world.

Mothiur Rahmantrained at a top 10 City law firm, and worked at a top 40 law firm for 7 years advising on a range of environmental and planning and public law related matters. He was a founding member of Wildlaw UK, a campaign group dedicated to securing legal rights for Nature.  He no longer practices as a lawyer but as a social innovator seeking to bring about the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.
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Zascha Brésilley and Ayub Malik - The Earth - Her Spiritual Secrets Revealed
The Earth is a living being. She has given humanity a wonderful home and classroom to gain experience after experience in the journey called life. During our residency here, too few have offered even a token of thankfulness in return for the sacrifice she has made on our behalf. But a great change is taking place.
Based on the revelations given by and through Dr. George King (1919-1997), a Master of Yoga and one of the greatest mediums who ever lived:
- Learn more about the Earth and what she has done for humanity.
- Help bring about a shift in humanity's consciousness.
- Discover techniques to bring spiritual balance and harmony to our environment.

With the unfolding Earth changes, we are fast approaching the threshold of a bright new dawn for humanity. Play your part in helping the Earth during her transition.
Zascha Brésilley has been an enthusiast of spirituality and healing since childhood. Ayub Malik is a great believer in the power of spiritual peace and our innate Divine potential. Contact: The Aetherius Society • 020 7736 4187 • • see also: Earth Campaign Leaflet - pdf download

Huw Wyn - Beyond your wildest dreaming:
"Let what you love, be what you do" ( Rumi)
A workshop discovering what mysterious song stirs and sings deep in our soul, yearning to be shared with the world. When we truly discover and have confidence in our unique gifts, we realise that they are the perfect offering, an expression of all we have woven in our life, which in itself is forever changing, expanding, expressing just like nature, as it is our true nature. This world is like a dream, shimmering in between the real and unreal, and it is our soul that dreams the world into being. But how often do we ask, what are we dreaming? When I was young . . .
Huw Wyn's passion for understanding the human mind and body began when he studied Tibetan Medicine 1994-1998, in the Himalayas of Ladakh with a seventh generation traditional doctor, Amchi Tsewang Smanla, and at Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Monastery in Scotland. Tibetan Medicine is an ancient and profound study with application of healing for body, speech and mind. In 1999 he went on to train in an MA in Buddhist Psychotherapy at the internationally renowned Karuna Institute, Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Devon. Established in 1982, Core Process Psychotherapy is one of the original mindfulness-based psychotherapy training programs, underpinned by Buddhist psychology. Teachings are drawn from various Buddhist sources and lineages to create a broad vehicle for the training of psychotherapists, which is integrated with western personality theory, psychodynamics and psychotherapy skills. He also set up Tiger's Nest . . . .
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Anu Azrael - Family Constellation
We are deeply bonded with all our family members going back several generations and any traumatic events that happened to them often affect us in the present. Very often we can become entangled in business that is not ours without even realizing it, we often behave as if we are older members of our family (children behave like parents and grandparents) and this of course creates a disturbance within us and within our family system. This confusion of belonging and place underpins many of the difficulties we experience in our lives and it is this we often work to bring greater awareness to in Family Constellation work. Family Constellation unlike many other types of therapy is not repair work. As in Meditation, in this work we are not looking to fix something, we are simply opening safe space to look a little deeper at what holds us back from living happy and successful lives. It is this process of becoming more aware that can possibly lead to healing and growth. In the words of Bert Hellinger, we are "setting growthful impulses in motion". During this short workshop we will make a short journey using sharing, visualisation & small group/diad work. We will not work with larger group Constellation in this short time.
Anu Azrael has been working in the field of personal/spiritual growth for 10-years now, 7 of those years training intensively in Family Constellation. He has recently completed 3-years of training in Somatic Experiencing/ Trauma Healing & is currently volunteering with Refugee Council working with Asylum Seekers. He is passionate about Constellation work and looks forward to sharing it with you.
Contact: Family Constellation UK: 07758 961933 •
Fiona Maguire - What is Awareness - a dialogue and an experience of Being Aware
This is a practical workshop in which you get to experience Awareness.An introduction about what is Awareness and the benefits of being aware, followed by questions and answers and exercise that bring you into awareness.The benefits of being aware are that you get to make conscious choices about how you want to act and what you want from life rather than reacting.  You are empowered to be all that you are and share your gifts with the world.
Fiona is an Awareness and Energetic Coach, International Speaker, Author and creator of “the Key to Awareness” process.  "I run workshops about what is Awareness and how do you become aware. When I completed my degree in psychology I worked for the NHS and then Social Services with YP and their families.  I have been self employed for 15 years as a clinical massage therapist and for the last 5 years as an Awareness and Energetic Coach.  I love to help people be all that they are and reach their full potential".
Contact: Real Energy • 07929 589923 •

Marcin & Seb - Men's Circle
This workshop is for men who are interested in developing (or further developing) communication skills. We are about noticing first with what is going on inside, and than speaking out that truth. We offer exercises where you'll have a chance to be present and practice the connection with your heightened awareness. We will create a safe space where we're going to explore and experiment with our limits and boundaries. It might all sound scary, and sometimes it is, because our egos usually find challenges uncomfortable. During the meeting we will have a chance to look, from perspective, at our ego's games. This can be a very unique and exciting experience.

Marcin is a Life Coach. In his work, he is incorporating Nonviolent Communication and experience gained from trainings, gatherings and workshops. Seb is an Art Therapy Counselor working with children. He's also a trained Integrative Presence practitioner. He has assisted in, led and organized many workshops and gatherings. Contact: