Programme in: The Brockway Hall: first left off main corridor Summary 20142013
Maestro Manuel Rufino - Indigenous Healing Arts
Maestro Manuel is a recognized elder in the Taino tradition, a spiritual guide, gifted ceremonial leader and teacher of sacred initiatic traditions of the world. He is also an artist, certified iridologist, naturo-therapist and vegetarian chef. Guided by his teacher, Maestro Domingo Dias Porta, he has been following the trails o indigenous healing arts for over 38 years. Currently, Maestro Manuel travels around the world sharing initiatic traditions, creating communities, leading workshops, lectures, sweat lodges and healing rituals. He regularly visits USA, Canada, England, Poland, Spain, Peru, Mexico.
Maestro Manuel Rufino was born in the Dominican Republic. Training began as a child, when at age 6 he started learning from local healers of the Caribbean, Arawak and Taino. When he was 17 years old he met his spiritual guide,Maestro Domingo Dias Porta. Following his instructions, Maestro Manuel entered the Shaolin Temple training for five years, where he practiced the disciplines of monks. After the occurrence, for the next 27 years he continued to explore the traditions of the Mayan, Aztec, Toltec, Huichol, Navajo, Shipibo. Maestro Jose Manuel Estrada gave him a blessing in the ancient tradition of initiation which has been passed from teacher to student for thousands of years and also introduced him to Yoga. For 25 years he has been teaching Hatha Yoga and Yoga Maya. He was the founder of several pioneering vegetarian restaurants and health food stores in Puerto Rico, Mexico, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City.

Joel Gazdar - Wild & Raw: Why Wild Foods Matter and How to Incorporate them into Everyday Lifestyle.
Joel will guide the audience through an upliftingly inspiring holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing and share the tips for long-term success in establishing an authentic healthy lifestyle that works for you.

Joel Gazdar has created raw eateries and juiceries across three continents, whilst apprenticing and volunteering with many teachers and maestros across various disciplines. He synthesises these into new levels of embodiment, which he has been teaching to thousands of others, centring around the benefits of a closer relationship and creative co-operation with the infinite intelligence of the thriving, functional, bio-diverse eco-systems of nature. Joel is a lifelong devotee and pioneer of all things wild, wonderful, wellbeing-based, enjoying oneself and experiencing ecstatic consciousness through unconditional celebration and appreciation, and unlocking our infinite potential through asking potent questions, as well as being a student of all the alchemical paths of the world. He has spent over a 15 years immersed in the raw food movement and has rich experience as a smoothie master, workshop facilitator, international speaker, chef and entrepreneur.
Questions & Answer Session with Maestro Manuel Rufino and Joel Gazdar

Sistahintheraw - Women's Health through Raw Living Foods
Building on last years contribution, Anita will demonstate and share a a raw Carribbean smoothie - coome and explore the gifts of delectable raw Caribbean fruit and vegetables, and enjoy Anita's unique perspective about a holistic raw, plant-based lifestyle, based on her African and Indian Caribbean heritage and understanding.
Sistahintheraw (Anita McKenzie)
is also an Interfaith Minister, Spiritual Counsellor and meditation teacher and offers an holistic framework for supporting personal transition to wellbeing.
Contact: 07941 525086 •

Theresa Webb (Kitchen Buddy) - RawVegan Diet, Women's Health, and Natural Remedies for Menopause Support
Demo of how to make a Rainbow Salad using sprouting mung beans salad. Theresa will also share her knowledge of • Herbal medicine& remedies • Anti-aging recipes (foods to heal) • Strategies for avoiding wheat, dairy & sugar • The importance and benefits of plant-based Enzymes •her top five herbal remedies to achieve and maintain Hormonal Balance at any age. This session will be of particular interest to women, but everyone welcome!
Theresa Webb Dip.Nut. BANT is Nutritional Therapist, a Naturopathic Medicine practitioner, principal teacher and chef at Kitchen Buddy, writer, organic food and designer raw chocolate producer. She is co-leader for the South London Dance of Gratitude and Awareness (DOGA) live drumming and dance community and is a children's yoga teacher.
Contact: Kitchen Buddy Culinary Courses and Raw Chocolatier - 07734 166 738 -
Questions & Answer Session
with Theresa Webb and Sistahintheraw - session hosted by Lia Aquila
Lia Aquila has been a natural health practitioner and lecturer in health and complementary therapies for over 12 years, and 3 years ago trained as a raw food chef and educator and has since been giving talks, workshops and retreats. Lia loves sharing and inspiring people to feel better and really enjoy nutritious raw vegan food. She went from vegetarian to vegan and then discovered the power of raw food after suffering from a stress related illness. Lia had all the symptoms of primary progressive MS, 2 stone overweight, and suffered from IBS and asthma. She started introducing raw food and lots of 'superfoods' in to her diet and also exercising regularly. Within 7 months she was symptom free, had lost 2 stone, and competed in her first triathlon! This rapid transformation sparked a passion to share the experience of the healing power of nutrition to help other people. Lia is now delivers workshops, parties and coaches people in how the change transform their health, and she is also the founder of Raw Fest, the UK's raw food and healing festival.
Contact: Raw Nature: 020 3542 3441 •

Jill Swyers - Hippocrates Health in a Balanced Way
- Avoiding Downfalls When Changing Food Lifestyle
This talk is about Maintaining a Healthy Balance when Transitioning to Living Foods with Guidance, and How to Integrate Living and Raw Foods Nutrition "One Step at a Time". Jill Swyers is an Hippocrates Health Educator/ Living Food Nutrition Living Foods Consultant/ Speaker/ Practitioner.
Contact: Living Foods for Health -

Kyle Vialli - The Truth About Nutrition
In a world where 1001 so-called experts are giving completely opposing advice about what constitutes "the ideal diet for mankind", today we will place some universality back into the proceedings. Through the lens of science and philosophy Kyle's exclusive Q & A session will explore some of the fundamental axioms of good nutrition, whilst highlighting some of the most common pitfalls. Warning! - this lecture contains cutting-edge information that you might not be expecting.

Kyle Vialli B.Y.S.A, B.A (First Class Hons.) is an internationally acclaimed Vitality coach and Nutritionist. His specialty is a wide-spectrum understanding of health and wellbeing, with specific focus on food. Kyle is an independent researcher who works alongside other integrative spokespersons in the health and wellbeing arena. His natural passions are further nourished by his studies in philosophy, media, culture and the sciences. Kyle has written numerous articles for wellness-minded magazines, has been interviewed for Channel 4, Russia Today and Icelandic Television, National and European radio and a variety of online radio stations. Kyle is currently writing his flagship book on the universal principles of nutrition entitled What In The World Am I Supposed To Eat? Over the last 8 years Kyle has helped 1000’s of people attain increased levels of vitality and clarity during one-on-one consultations and seminars. Daily he continues to hone his understanding of the species, not just in regards to what can go wrong with it through disorder and disease, but by what can go “right with it” through the horizons of human potential and possibility.


Fiona Maguire - Release your emotional baggage, to fully be and express who you are in the world.
Do you feel heavy? Are you holding onto trauma and emotions that do not serve you? I will teach you how to release your emotional baggage and the conditioning that holds you back. In this fun and interactive workshop you will learn exercises to clear your energy and become more present in the world. We will explore ìThe Key to Awarenessî process and Energetic NLP. You will leave the workshop with more energy, focus and clarity. In other words you will feel more like yourself, maybe for the first time ever! Become the love that you are and express yourself fully in the world.
Fiona has studied Psychology, different religions / spiritual paths and many different therapies. Fiona has worked in the NHS and for Social Services. She has brought her expertise and experience together to create "The Key to Awareness": a practical step by step process to bring the freedom of awareness into your everyday life.
Contact: Real Energy • 07929 589923 •
Chris Philpott - Green Spirituality& the Environmental Crisis - Changing lifestyles to help People & Planet.
Describing the spiritual causes of the current environmental crisis by referring to the 13 years research I carried out on 12 different spiritual traditions and their green aspects as well as global environmental problems such as climate change, water shortages, air pollution, species loss, and food shortages. I shall try and inspire the audience to adopt spiritual values in their lives to contribute to solving some of the environmental problems, especially through referring to the work of eco villages and the websites found in my book. I had the idea of writing a book about environmental issues in February 1972 after watching a programme about the Club of Rome Report. The report stated that the planet faced major environmental problems in the future. In 2012 Chris undertook an Eco Tour of North America, giving 25 talks to diverse groups including the U.N. members at the U.N Church in New York, Eco Village members, Sierra Club members, Transition towns and Christian, Quaker and Buddhist groups. He will share his experiences in the talk and refer to inspiring Inter-Faith projects in America and some successful Eco Villages he visited.
Chris Philpott Chris has been a Green Activist and engaged with the green movement for three decades. He has campaigned on local and national green issues such as recycling and climate change, and has been involved in organizing community activities relating to whole food, recycling, gardening and conservation, Local Agenda 21, LETS, Transition Towns, meditation, interfaith and green spirituality. The idea for this book came when he created the Green Spirituality Working Group in the U.K. Green Party. This book, a direct outcome of green activism combined with spiritual practice (Buddhist), took 13 years to research and write. He is also an experienced and enthusiastic performer, his skills include public speaking and clowning, as well as writing and performing Eco music with a band appropriately named the Eco Worriers. Chris travelled extensively in India during 2002 and interviewed one hundred and thirty Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Muslim, and Christian and Buddhist spiritual leaders during his stay. During the same year, he travelled to the United Nations World Conference on Sustainability in Johannesburg, where he shared his views on Green Spirituality with other delegates, and also discussed the need to bring more Spirituality into the work of the United Nations. He has given talks on Green Spirituality at the U.K. Green Party National conferences, the Big Green Gathering, the Climate Camps, the Campaign against Climate Change Forums and the Birmingham Inter-faith group. He is available for workshops on green spirituality.
Contact: Chris Philpott • 01926 335736 • 07503 748369 •
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Alicia Davies - Earth Song Sound Healing
I would like to offer a sound healing session using the Earth Gong. Tuned to the frequency of our planet, the Earth gong is grounding, healing, and nurturing, and is a great way to re-establish a natural connection to Earth, something which is increasingly difficult to maintain due to our modern lifestyles, which causes a sense of disconnection and disharmony. The Earth Gong Bath starts softly, and builds to an almighty crescendo - a tsunami of sound - that clears blocks to emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, bringing them up for healing. It is also deeply relaxing!
Alicia Davies trained in Gong Sound Healing with gong guru Mark Swan, who trained with Don Conreaux. She runs regular one-to-one gong sound meditation sessions, and conducts regular fortnightly group gong baths at Zen Yoga in Camberwell. She is currently working on retreats to help people reconnect to Earth and to find a more natural way of being that is in tune with nature.
Contact: 07798 635566 •
HariPyari and Michelle - KIRTAN: Heart-Centred Chanting
Kirtan is the yogic practice of singing from the heart. Dropping down out of our busy minds, we settle our focus in the heart centre, where, in all of us there is love, compassion and beauty; and we use our voices to express that love. Together we will sing simple Sanskrit Mantras (chants in a powerful ancient language), that have a profoundly healing effect on our subconscious and our energetic system. You can join in singing, dancing, clapping or simply basking in the sound. Kirtan is fun, it feels good, and brings one into a place of peace, wellbeing and blissful joy.
HariPyari has fallen in love with the path of Bhakti Yoga (of which chanting is a key element), and organised the UKÌs first ever Bhakti Music Festival (in August 2011), which brought devotional musical practices from various traditions together as one , in the spirit of universal love and devotion. She leads Kirtan and Shakti Dance in London & around the UK. Her practice has been influenced by many teachers and traditions, and she is highly grateful for the people who have inspired and supported her. HariPyari feels incredibly blessed to have found this divine practice and be able to share it with others.
Contact: HariPyari - 07734593284 -

Illumina - Silence, Sacred Sound & Mantra
Together we will all create the blissful states of Healing and Celebration using the mediums of Sacred Sound, Chant and Mantra to reconnect directly to the Still, Silent Presence of our Divinity. Illumina are Lila Cohen and Sean Shokat - two divinely inspired musicians who hold a space of Healing and Celebration using the mediums of Sacred Sound,Chant an d Mantra to reconnect directly to the Still, Silent Presence of our Divinity. Contact: 07931 192867 •

Siri Sadhana Kaur - Mantras for the Soul
Vibrate the cosmos, the cosmos shall clear the path- Yogi Bhajan. We will chant devotional songs, mantra and use celestial communications as taught by Yogi Bhajan to surrender to our soul and universal consciousness.
Siri Sadhana Kaur performed internationally developing in voice work, theatre, music and movement, studying in Paris with the innovative movement master Jacques Lecoq. She shares Dance,Yoga, and leads an accapela choir with world and mantra music. Siri is an approved KRI associate trainer and student of Shiv Charan Singh and as part of the Karam Kriya School team in London delivers the level 1 Aquarian teacher training. She recorded 4 music and mantra CD Alokas Grace. Sacred Nectar and Song of Soul are available at the festival and as downloads.

Musical Reviews "Sacred Nectar is a beautiful CD, with an innovative and creative approach to Gurmukhi Mantra, that will enrich and uplift your Yoga Practise". (Markus Harimandir • (Mirabai Ceiba) • "Incredibly unique voice, you can almost feel your cells humming with the presence of God.... (online review) • "It is rich, deep, funky and soulful" (Siri Arti Kaur) • "Comes from the heart. Highest art always has this devotional aspect to it" (Sati Wits) • "Great musical medicine..speaks directly to the soul (Coleen) • "Touches my heart deeply, reaches the depth of my soulí" (Preet Singh) • "You are my very favorite mantra-rock star" (Mirtha Gomez) • "A truly beautiful voice, rich tones!" (Anthony Davies) • "Your voice is rich and passionate. It touches the chord of truth" (Nikki Slade) • loooooveeeee
Contact - 07985-439-657 -