Programme in: The Club Room: upstairs behind stage Summary 20142013
Master Ching-Wen Yang - Strengthen your Qi
How to feel your Qi or vital energy. How to build it and strengthen it through simple breathing and movement. Increase your vitality and enjoy life more. Qi is the abundant energy of the universe. Qigong is the master key for unlocking and harnessing this potential in its purest form.
Qigong Master Ching-Wen Yang has studied Qigong and meditation in Taiwan for over 25 years and has been trained by various meditation & healing masters including Tsangsar Tulku Rinpoche, Qigong Master Mr Lim Hai Ping and Daoist teacher Chen Zong Guang. Master Yang is of an ancient Taiwanese Qigong lineage and teaching tradition, rarely encountered in the West, and currently holds his practice in London. He aims to make Qigong knowledge more adaptable to a Western audience and has been developing methods to make the essence of authentic Qigong easier to grasp.
Contact: Master Yang Qi Gong Meditation - 07714 734075 - 020 7485 4920 -

Haripyari - Shakti Dance
Shakti Dance is a combination of flowing yoga stretches (asanas), energising dance steps, expressive free dance meditation, relaxation, mantra with movement, and silence; which puts us in touch with our true nature, pure consciousness, our shining light within. Connect to a space of Inner Peace; Reduce Stress; Liberate your Body and Mind in Free Expression of the Self!
HariPyari has fallen in love with the path of Bhakti Yoga (of which chanting is a key element). She organised the UK's first ever Bhakti Music Festival (in August 2011) and the Be Love: Bhakti Immersions which brought devotional musical practices from various traditions together as one, in the spirit of universal love and devotion. She leads Kirtan, Shakti Dance and Yoga Nidra in London & around the UK. Her practice has been influenced by many teachers and traditions, and she is highly grateful for the people who have inspired and supported her. HariPyari feels incredibly blessed to have found this divine practice and be able to share it with others.
Contact: HariPyari - 07734593284 -

Giles & Juliette Bryant - Transform Your Life
Giles will teach life-enhancing simple yoga and sound techniques and Juliette will share secrets of Conscious Nutrition. The Bryant's are earth pilgrims who travel the world teaching, singing and learning tools for healing of people and the planet.

Gita Sootarsing - assisted by Naropa - Biodanza
Through the international Biodanza system, dance, movement, world music, science and expression you will have a heart-warming experience of being fully alive in the now, connected with your self and with others. Biodanza opens  our hearts, our bodies, our spirit, our emotions, our instincts and our humanity. No partner needed, just be prepared to kick those shoes off
Gita is an international, certificated Biodanza facilitator. She presented at the Biodanza World Congress in Portugal earlier this year, and her class was shown on Channel 5 TV. She has led open classes at the Vitality Show, Yoga Show and Mind Body Soul festival, at Olympia. She runs regular classes, workshops, and retreats, gives supervison to student Biodanza teachers, and ischair of the Biodanza Teachers Association.
Contact: Gita Sootarsing: 07889 531667 -


Jewels Wingfield - Reclaming Sacred Feminine Sexuality!
All women are welcome. The workshop offers an experiential journey into the landscape of the deep sacred feminine. Jewels work with women is renowned for its radical and revolutionary approach. It offers a clear pathway to return ourselves to the true sacred feminine that is much needed at this time on Earth. It goes beyond feminism and patriarchy and addresses what is Women's part to play in this great transformation and how to bring it through. A calling to all women to live in the deep wisdom of the body and heart of the sacred feminine, returning to the sisterhood (this work cannot be done alone) Re-connecting to the Earth beneath our feet, the wisdom that is innate in our cyclical nature and coming into intimate connection with the web of life. Our erotic energetic connection is a key component to the awakening as it connect us to our creativity which connection us to our Love.
Jewels Wingfield is one of the UK leading lights in the arena of women's empowerment work. She has over 20 years experience and she is known for her down-to-earth approach that cuts through to the very core of the Sacred feminine and how to reclaim the deep essential feminine energy and true feminine empowerment. Her connection to this wisdom comes through her with compassion, humour, fire and clarity. She is widely respected for her radical and wild teachings.
Contact: Living Love - 01594 861200 •

Cate Mackenzie - assisted by Paul Wogan
Feel Your Passion & Desire, and connect more with you & others
A gentle workshop to support you to feel more connected to yourself and others. Sometimes we have withdrawn from life for very good reasons and this workshop will support you to open up again. Cate Mackenzie is an International Love Coach working since 1993 in the UK, Spain, France, Greece and Kuwait. She has been featured on TV and in magazines and her heart paintings are in 72 countries through IKEA. She has produced a CD to open the heart.
Contact: Open Your Heart Coaching • 07974 341545 •
Hayla Genevieve Oriel - Tony Samara Satsang
This session will be run by Hayla, sharing meditation & Satsang of Enlightened teacher Tony Samara. As a Spiritual Teacher Tony encourages all to lead their lives actively in a noble way in order to realize the evolution of human consciousness. The completely natural state of joy and wisdom experienced as the heart opens to life is the remarkable path he expounds. The path that is free for everyone to experience. Verbal dialogue is not the essence of his teachings, but he explains in a direct and simple way that everyone can understand how each individual can practically integrate greater acceptance, peace and joy into their daily lives. Welcome to meet Tony Samara in person in London at the Vegan festival 28th September:
Tony Samara, author of ‘Shaman’s Wisdom,’ ‘From the Heart,’ ‘Different Yet the Same,’ and ‘Deeper than Words’ was born in England, grew up in Egypt and also in Norway where he discovered the “Zen Buddhist philosophy". This discovery eventually led him to the Mount Baldy Zen Center in California, USA where he learned the spiritual teachings of Kyozan Joshu Sasaki. He had curiosity to explore further the essence of spirituality and thus went to live and learn with shamanic communities around the globe including a period of time spent with some highly influential shamans in the Amazon River region and the Andes Mountains. Tony teaches with humour, humility and with infinite patience, empowering the individual with courage, trust and inner strength to continue on this journey back into wholeness, a path that leads towards real freedom. Like many spiritual teachers, Tony Samara is concerned with practical inner work and liberation. He teaches by personal example and instruction, guiding the seeker to realise bliss here and now, through growing spiritual awareness rather than mental effort. Tony Samara is a mirror of what is possible, a shining reminder of the continuous possibility of being human. Tony also encourages a balanced vegetarian diet which includes organic products that are full of life force.

Ranchor Prime - Hearing the Voice of Spirit - introduction to Bhakti Yoga
Experience the spirit through music, projected images, singing and chanting, and learn about the basics of Bhakti Yoga.
Ranchor Prime is a singer, author and publisher of spiritual books. He teaches Bhakti Yoga, specialising in the Bhagavad Gita, leads chanting at yoga centres in London, and is author of a dozen books on spirituality, ecology and Hinduism.
Contact: 07743 898470 •