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Maitri Shakti Kaur - "The Addictive Personality" & Kundalini Yoga
Have you ever considered to be addicted to some substances - natural or chemicals, sex, food, shopping, or recreate situations to feel certain emotions, looking for drama in your life... why do we follow these patterns? This practice is an opportunity to explore who we really are, maintaining a relationship of self-acceptance, love and  forgiveness, letting go unnecessary and painful feelings of guilt and shame. Come and experience your true essence with a powerful tool to support and guide you from Darkness to Light. This practice is suitable for beginners and experienced yogis, allowing to master the mind in all its aspects through physical postures and deep meditation . Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is described as the yoga of awareness, it uses specific combinations of asanas (posture), pranayam (breathing), mantra and deep meditation to connect mind, body and soul. Regular practice brings a sense of wholeness from where we can move forward and realise our highest potential.
Maitri Shakti Kaur is a long time student, new teacher. She has trained with Sky and is a level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher. Maitri shares the teaching with a compassionate approach on addictive behaviour, her passion to guide and support comes from her own personal experience. Her classes can be dynamic and intense, relaxing and meditative, depending on the focus; she combines body alignment and core strength in the practice through posture and breathing exercises allowing the mind to get into stillness.

Hari Kalymnios - The Energetic Life - How to get your mojo back
In this talk, I'll talk about my journey of discovery which led me from the all to common de-energised city professional to living a life with increased energy, focus and fun! In this talk I will share:- A framework for helping to remove bad habits - A quick and easy way to increase your energy levels naturally - A system to assess and correct your energy levels
Hari Kalymnios is a high performance coach focussed on helping people who need more energy in their lives understand what it takes to achieve this. He does this through coaching, speaking and running workshops and retreats. He is the author of the book ?The Thought Gym? and for more information on how you can ?train your mind, so the rest will follow?? head to for your FREE video coaching series.
Contact: • Book - The Thought Gym. £10

Beverley Drumm: DanceIn2U!
DanceIn2U takes you on a magical movement journey that connects you inside and out, leaving you blissed and at one.  World, dance and inspirational music and intuitive guidance from Beverley create the space for you to explore, express, create, play, feel and sense - moving what is there in each moment through an organic process from awareness to release, creation to resolution, ending in integrated tranquillity.
Beverley has been teaching conscious and expressive dance for the past 11 years.  She is a skilled group and movement facilitator, with a keen attunement to music, energy and the body.
Contact: 020 8347 6296
  Christina Buchant: - Energy Tapping for Emotional Freedom
Remove blocks to success and creativity! Your psychological experience is created by your thoughts and oftentimes they may cause you emotional upsets.  In turn, these upsets are stored in memory producing negative emotional states keeping you stuck and creating resistance to change. Tapping on certain meridian acupoints help you return to energetic balance and healthy psychological functioning.
As an experienced life coach, Christina has worked with a range of creative people to help them maximise their career and life potential. Success and happiness don't just rely on your skills but, most importantly, how you can manage your thoughts. Her aim is to empower people by helping them help themselves - mostly to ensure that they live to the maximum potential and get the most out of their work and life.
Contact: 020 7193 9373 •
Amadis Cammel - Access your Core-Self through Diamond Alchemy and Intimate Spirituality
First a brief talk as to what Diamond Alchemy is and then practical processes, such as Qi Gong (movements,sounds and breathwork)and Essence meditation.  If time allows, this will be followed by a deep 'INTIMATE SPIRITUALITY' process to connect us our spirit with our heart-core.
Amadis Cammel has taught Dao Qigong workshops and classes for 20 years, Core Realisation groups and courses for 15 years and Humanistic Alchemy courses for 3 years. To his work he brings elements of Daoist, Gnostic and contemporary spirituality, such as the teachings of Chan, Diamond Logos and Pathwork. He has spent many years studying all the above and much more. He has a Relational Integral Therapy practice as well as running groups and courses in the different aspects of Core Realisation, of which Diamond Alchemy is one. For more details check out the website.
Contact: 020 7671 1206 • 07941 665506 •