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Susan Laing - Multidimensional Modern Iridology
Come along and see into 'the windows of the soul'. You will see the most amazing draw dropping images of enlarged irides - the clouded part of the eyes - with powerpoint. See how they can unlock the secrets to your health.
Susan's original background is Podiatry, and she is also an Iridologist, Naturopath, and Nutritionist. She came into the field of holistic medicine through her own journey of healing her health. Susan works with mind body & spirit. Find the warrior within!
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Susan Laing - Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse
Yes its summer time and its one of the best times to spring cleanse& clean out those inner pipes in our body!! Have you ever wanted to feel better? Have you ever wanted to get rid of those addictions and cravings? Have you ever wanted to add years to your body and look younger almost immediately? Have you ever wanted more energy? Have you often felt irritable on many occasions? Well here is a method of cleansing that can help you with all these!! I will be talking about the naturopathic benefits of this cleanse and the whys and answers of how the body needs this type of cleanse in this day and age of eating processed food and dairy and meat. I will also cover some important points, all made easy to understand on the liver/gallbladder cleanse that are often over looked to help it all run smoothly. This is not any old liver cleanse. This is a 4 star cleanse researched and used with plenty of experience by a doctor of physiology, Dr David Jubb.
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  Milena Ivovic - Accelerate your Evolution with the help of the Knowledge Book
In this workshop you will learn about:
• a direct cosmic Book, being present on Earth to facilitate human evolution, and unification processes;
• main characteristics of the Book and the age we live in and
• personal benefits, as well as the benefit for humanity, from working with this Book.
Milena Ivovic has been with the Knowledge Book for more than a decade. Over those years, she has given numerous talks on the Knowledge Book in United Kingdom and internationally ? such as in USA, Canada and Italy.
Contact: Milena Ivovic • 07808 222 959 •
Gregory Sams - Ancient Freedoms
The world’s cradles of civilization arose from free people doing what we're good at, with some enjoying unarmed peace for thousands of years. The central state is a spanner in the works of evolution. We can do it better...
Gregory has been in the business of changing things since 1967 when, with brother Craig, he opened up the market for organic and natural foods in the UK, moving through Seed restaurant to Whole Earth Foods. In 1982 he conceived and christened the original VegeBurger, an idea that spread. Leaving food for fractals, he opened a shop devoted to new science chaos theory, publishing and licensing fractals worldwide. Chaos led him to write two books, “The State is Out of Date – We Can Do It Better,” a timely look at how well we self-organize in freedom, and taboo-busting ”Sun of gOd,” bringing our local star back in from the cold.
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Gail Evans - Detoxing Your Emotions
Find out why detoxing your body is more than just about losing weight or cleaning up our bad eating habits. In this talk Gail will explain why juicing and eating a diet rich in living foods helps us to heal old wounds and gain clarity in our busy lives.
Gail has been a raw food artist for over 5 years after curing her daughter's food intolerances and skin conditions by incorporating more living foods into their diet and eating more closely to nature. In 2010 she began producing Divaliciously Raw desserts including her famous Love Bombs! She is also the creator of the DIY Body Detox plan where her graduates complete a 21 day plan of juice, smoothies and soups as well as learning how to prepare raw and cooked vegan meals. During her time juice feasting and facilitating the detox of many others, she realised that clearing out the body aids us in healing many of our old wounds. Gail now believes detoxing is one of the best ways to hear our true selves calling to us!
Contact: 07411 505560 •
Oluwa Winzenburg - Salvia Secrets
Salvia Divinorum also known as Diviner's Sage, is a psychoactive plant which can induce "visions" and other hallucinatory experiences. Its native habitat is in cloud forest in the isolated Sierra Mazateca of Oaxaca, Mexico, and is not only Legal here within the United Kingdom but it is also the most powerful plant based hallucinogen known to man. That is why I feel it is for a UK audience the spiritual trip of choice. However like all plant teachers one should take with care, humility and above all responsibly. This is where I come in as a trip sitter and space holder to this wonderful and amazing plant.
Oluwa says: Around 2010 I started my spiritual Journey with Ayahuasca and since then my life got flip turned upside down. Now I feel it in my being to share my experience and also gain knowledge from others about their journey in this vibration existence.
Marcin Starzyk & Urszula Halabuz - "Flavonoids - revolution in the medicine of XXI century"
Are you ready for some fresh ideas to get, and stay, fit and healthy? Find out what flavonoids can do for you and what foods should you consume on daily basis to get the most benefits. Do you finally want to get on top of that chronic back pain, arthritis, acne or fatigue, or shift that excess weight? Or do you just want to feel more calm and balanced and in control of your life? If so, the answer is YOU CAN! Flavonoids can help with all of this and more
Marcin Starzyk is certified Nutrition Advisor with the Certificate in "Diet, Nutrition and Health". He is an eager researcher, continuously adding to his knowledge, and frequently attends seminars and workshops to ensure that he can provide his clients with the latest up-to-date information. Marcin can highlight important new studies especially in the area of natural and nutritional approaches to health.
Contact: 003 53872 546027 8
Konstantinos Kapelas - Breathing: Why Less is More!
Hundreds of chronic diseases can be explained from habitually breathing above the healthy norm. The more you over-breathe, the more disturbed your body chemistry and the more severe your chronic disease! Konstantinos Kapelas is the  creator of the Kapelas Health & Vitality System™, one of the most effective wellness systems in the market today that truly Rebuilts Health and Recharges energy. He is also a regular speaker,  trainer and co author of the book "Successful Living & Successful Marriage"
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Permaculture Picturehouse - Animate Earth (45 mins):
Building on the revolutionary discoveries of James Lovelock?s Gaia Theory the film argues that we urgently need to develop an expanded science that cultivates intuitive wisdom alongside rational knowledge so that we can experience everything, from the smallest microbes to our planet?s great life-sustaining cycles, as deeply interconnected.
The Permaculture Picturehouse is London's increasingly popular regular permaculture social event.
Feature length and short films accompanied by talks from people involved in local and national projects.

Contact: Noel Burke - 07722 632440 -
Permaculture Picturehouse - Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner (2 hours 41 mins):
Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner is a 2001 Canadian film directed by Zacharias Kunuk. It was the first feature film ever to be written, directed and acted entirely in Inuktitut. Set in the ancient past, the film retells an Inuit legend passed down through centuries of oral tradition.
The Permaculture Picturehouse is London's increasingly popular regular permaculture social event.
Feature length and short films accompanied by talks from people involved in local and national projects.

Contact: Noel Burke - 07722 632440 -