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Giles Bryant & The Perpetual Choirs - Opening Ceremony
- followed by Sacred Sound and Chanting Workshop
The perpectual choirs play songs and chants from around the world. Come to join in to bless the Festival of Life with our hearts and voices/
After leading the opening ceremony at 11am, Giles Bryant, from World Healing Project, will lead people through a journey of sacred sound including chakras toning, sacred chants and meditations. See further details on:
Meditation UK - Free Meditation Class
Experience the wonderful journey of meditation; learn how to free yourself of stress, anxiety, anger and depression. Gain true inner happiness, peace and wisdom. You will be taught three powerful techniques based on the teachings of the ancient Vedas where all bona-fide yoga systems originate. This meditation is enjoyable and easy to practise and will have a very positive effect on your life. This class will be held with the curtains closed to create a safe space.
Meditation UK is non-sectarian and offers free meditation classes to everyone. The meditation we teach is an ancient system based on Vedic teachings which has been handed down unchanged for thousands of years.
Contact: Meditation UK - 012765 03499 - 07754 107707 -
Dirish Shaktidas - Shakti Dance
Shakti Dance is the Yoga of Dance. Kundalini Yoga is the foundational touchstone for Shakti Dance. The dance is eclectic in range and incorporates elements from other streams of yogic disciplines. It brings a unique blend eastern and western dance forms.
Dirish Shaktidas is a flexaterian, immersed in the world of holistic healing. A specialist in Shakti Dance the Yoga of Dance and trained under Yoga Works/ Vinyasa Flow tradition. His fusion of Street, Bollywood and Odissi (classical indian dance) creates a unique programme for his clients to unleash their day to day stress in a safe, comfortable and fun environment.
Contact: Dirish Shaktidas: 07958 176148 •
Hayla Genevieve Oriel - Kundalini Yoga workshop
Kundalini yoga awakens the life force within, through breath that moves deep into the body, healing in multiple ways. This class gives an elevation of a kundalini kriya w special breathing techniques and energy flow stretching and invigorating body, mind and spirit on a high level. Exciting and uplifting, going beyond the mind and jumping into the ocean of love :)))
Hayla has been an active yogi  learning many traditions from Indian and uk teachers, focused on the teachings of yogi Bjan she did the training for kundalini yoga 7 years ago and has been teaching in Glastonbury, Dubai, Costa Rica, London and other places on her travels, to a broad diversity of people as well as one to one. Combining skills of healing with kundalini yoga and  sometimes crystal bowls.  Having done very deep work on 20 detox retreats with enlightened teacher Tony Samara the vibration is high, transmitting uplifting empowerment to all on her path, inspiring self awakening through kundalini yoga and meditation
Contact: 07767 693113
Nandita & Ahimsa - Yoga Dance
A short guided visualisation, followed by freeing unchoreographed body movement to music
Nandita is a Yoga Teacher, Personal Fitness adviser, practitioner of complimentary therapies, including Natural Facelifts, Massage, Reflexology, Meditation and a Laughter leader. As an ex dancer, she also hosts Yoga Dance, an event she devised, which includes yoga, meditation, dance and sometimes art. Her involvement with fitness started at school with sport, and she started to practise yoga at 17. Her professional dance career spanned 10yrs, until she had her son and became more interested in health and fitness. She became a reflexologist in 1990, in 1992 qualifying as a fitness trainer, the following year as a masseuse. She also trained in natural healing, NLP and Reiki. She specialised in teaching mothers to massage their newborns and wrote Soothe Your Baby The Natural Way, an internationally sold book. She worked within the local council and in 2 de-tox clinics, as well as running her own holistic, fitness and health business. Pamela has travelled extensively all over the world to further her knowledge of how the body works.
Contact: Inner Power & Peace: • 07735 502251

WildLoveBeamer - Partner & Community Yoga
Come and experience a fun and funky Partner & Community Yoga class. Come with or without a friend or partner, as we pair up as we go. Partner & Community Yoga is a feel good practice which includes Partner Yoga Sequences, HuMandala Yoga, Interactive Meditations and Games.

Ieva says: I am a senior Sun Moon Partner Yoga trainer and a devoted yoga teacher. I facilitate community focused yoga classes and dance workshops, at a wide range of events and festivals both in London and internationally, specialising in Community, Partner, Women’s Yoga and Ecstatic Dance. I see Partner and Community Yoga as such a valuable tool to re-experience an authentic connection to oneself and the other. We safely and light-heartedly learn to touch, give and receive. The intention behind my work is to create a sense of belonging and union through playful, physical movement and self-expression. I incorporate my extensive knowledge of bodywork, psychology and transpersonal counselling to create fun, spontaneous and heart-warming experiences to support individuals to open up to the wonder of life.
Maryam Freeflower - Odissi
One of the eight classical dance forms of India, Odissi's journey began over 2000 years ago in the temples of Orissa, East India. Danced originally by Maharis (women who devoted their lives to dancing for god), the dance is an offering to the divine. Distinct in its sculptural sensual form, intricate rhythms, and powerful elegance, Odissi is a mesmerising rendition of the spectrum of our existence. Indian culture recognises dance as one of the highest offerings that can be given. Uniting the mind, body and spirit, devotional dancing is a connection to the divine presence that is around us.
Maryam is an Odissi Indian classical dancer, who holds love and devotion to art as her path to spiritual growth and self-realisation. She has spent the last five years following her heart; travelling to India to study the technique behind this dance form and its cultural context intensively; developing her skills as a dancer of grace, sincerity and sweetness. She performs as a soloist in the UK, and has had the honour of performing alongside her teachers Sujata Mohapatra and Colleena Shakti at the annual Pushkar Temple Dance Festival in India. Maryam gives thanks to her teachers, who have shown her the beauty and mastery attainable through patience, hard work, and a pure heart.
Contact: 07746125477 •
Meditation UK - Chanting
Warm and heartfelt chanting of ancient Vedic mantras, along with guitars, drums and percussion. These transcendental "yoga sounds" will leave you feeling soothed, calm and happy within. Meditation UK is non-sectarian and offers free meditation classes to everyone. The meditation we teach is an ancient system based on Vedic teachings which has been handed down unchanged for thousands of years.
Contact: Meditation UK - 012765 03499 - 07754 107707 -

Love Jam with Widllovebeamer &  Friends
LoveJam is a community gathering and sharing a moment. Simple! LoveJam ingredients are:
• HuMadala Yoga - Easy and playful Social Yoga done in a circle, creating Human-Mandala shapes via connected bodies. No experience needed and all levels can do it! • Live Music - acoustic, light-hearted and joyful tunes • Interactive Meditations & ‘Dancy’ Games - specially designed to tickle your heart • Love Meditation - to power up all your being with love, so you beam like the sun.
We are a group of musicians & a space holder who are creating 'Love-Jams' - Community Connection events in London and all around. The intention behind our work is to create funky spaces to facilitate a sense of belonging and union through playful, physical movement and self-expression.

More info:

Wiggzaro - Emerge into the Light
Release your rhythm within and shake your body awake to the magic of Wiggzaro's Transformational World Tribal Live Electronic Dance Music. This dance music production takes you on a journey through different landscapes, cultural influences and textures of sonic compositions that sees a fusion between live performance with electronic dance music. Drawing from different aspects of world music fused with modern house and trance music trends, this project is In essence guitar driven dance music that is fused with positive, uplifting and consciously minded lyrics.
Contact: 07975845742 •


DJ interval by Asteriks
Asteriks is a former breakdance performer, rapper, now DJ, radio presenter, music producer, film sound recordist and visual arts sound designer.He amalgamates these talents and experiences to provide support to the Festival Of Life event of 2014 by compering, providing music tracks between bands and making events in the stage area flow as seamlessly and on time as possible.
Contact: 07837 041601

URUBU: presents  DRUM MANTRA - LIVE *.¸¸.•´¯`(o)
Introducing the UK's first Ecstatic Dance Band - URUBU! Formed in 2008, we play live music for our unique Ecstatic Dance /Moving Meditation Events. Join URUBU for an evening of powerful live music, dance and conscious celebration featuring our amazing musicians including, Ian Richie on Saxophone, Master Brazilian multi-percussionists Marcos SantanaAlua Nascimento, and Oli Savile, with facilitator and founder Seth Newman. DRUM MANTRA is the call to dance. Through the medium of rhythm, and with the power of the Drum, we turn our attention inwards towards this body, these feet, this earth. Breath by breath arriving into our human experience, here now, here now. This will be a beautiful & powerful evening of conscious dance, featuring our outstanding professional musicians assembled for your dancing delight.


"Since 2008, Global music phenomenon the URUBU Collective, has taken London by storm with their monthly ecstatic dance events!! URUBU delivers a captivating blend of exotic improvisational world grooves from ambient, meditative piano & vocal pieces through to high octane Afro-percussion. Expect tribal wildness and beautiful songs, Gongs, sound healing and more. You're gonna love it!"
Contact: The Urubu Collective • 07815 136456 •


Closing Ceremony with Giles Bryant & Friends - World Healing Project
Damian & Andrew - Zentrik Bau - Sound Meditation
Meditation music using ethnic & western instruments, sitar, dan bau, synths, bass set to projected visuals correlating with the bodies chakras energy and frequency level. We consciously create a sound bath bringing about headspace and a sense of nowness allowing thoughts to settle.
Zentric Bau combine the ancient sounds of nature & ethnic with the electronic sound of the present day to create the present & the presence of nowness. Using Sitar, tambura, bass, surmandal, Tibetan prayer bowls, kettle drum, dan bau, synths, drum synths. Together they have performed 1hr meditation/space music sets at venues including Barbican, Hackney festival, Health in the arts.
Contact: 07402 764876 • www./