Programme 2011: Green Forum - Red Lion Square


Mothiur Rahman - The Socio-Spiritual Transformation - Fantasy or Reality?
Through the concept of transformation as the agent of social and spiritual evolution, Mothiur will seek to demonstrate an evidence basis for the beginnings of a socio-spiritual transformation.  That evidence basis is formed by joining the historical dots together of previous social and spiritual transformations, leading to the current socio-economic industrial framework within which to apprehend meaning.  Mothiur's central thesis is that the current social illnesses are a natural consequence of this framework's incorrect apprehension of humanity's place in relationship to Nature.  By then considering the direction and tenor of the messages arising from current social and ecological/spiritual commentators, Mothiur proposes that humanity is on the brink, should the momentum increase to catalyse change, of becoming aware of its correct relationship with Nature and so begin a mass socio-spiritual transformation.  An outcome of such a transformation is that human society will begin to apprehend meaning, not from within a socio-economic industrial framework, but from within a socio-spiritual one.  Using the socio-spiritual framework, it is hoped that humanity will become aware that its connection to the Earth/Mother Nature is primary, and that that connection is the root of our connection to each other. If that awareness arises then, as a natural consequence of this corrected apprehension of reality, it is to be hoped a new governance system will arise, where humanity will govern itself as part of Nature, rather than as separate from it.
Mothiur Rahman is a lawyer with over 5 years experience working in public planning and environmental law. He has been involved with Wildlaw for a number of years and was one of the founding members of Wildlaw UK, a campaign group dedicated to securing legal rights for Nature.
Mothiur Rahman:: Wildlaw UK • 07932 508210 •

Chris Philpott - Green Spirituality& the Environmental Crisis - Changing lifestyles to help People & Planet.
Describing the spiritual causes of the current environmental crisis by referring to the 13 years research I carried out on 12 different spiritual traditions and their green aspects as well as global environmental problems such as climate change, water shortages, air pollution, species loss, and food shortages. I shall try and inspire the audience to adopt spiritual values in their lives to contribute to solving some of the environmental problems, especially through referring to the work of eco villages and the websites found in my book.
Chris Philpott had the idea of writing a book about environmental issues in February 1972 after watching a programme about the Club of Rome Report. The report stated that the planet faced major environmental problems in the future. Chris has been a Green Activist and engaged with the green movement for twenty-eight years or more. He has campaigned on local and national green issues such as recycling and climate change, and has been involved in organizing community activities relating to whole food, recycling, gardening and conservation, local economic trading (LETS), meditation, Transition Towns, interfaith and green spirituality groups. He has worked for Agenda 21 and is currently a member of the Leamington Spa Transition Town Steering group. The idea for this book came when he created the Green Spirituality Working Group in the U.K. Green Party. This book, a direct outcome of green activism combined with spiritual practice (Buddhist), has taken 13 years to research and write. He is also an experienced and enthusiastic performer, his skills include public speaking and clowning, as well as writing and performing Eco music with a band appropriately named the Eco Worriers.
Chris travelled extensively in India during 2002 and interviewed one hundred and thirty Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Muslim, and Christian and Buddhist spiritual leaders during his stay. During the same year, he travelled to the United Nations World Conference on Sustainability in Johannesburg, where he shared his views on Green Spirituality with other delegates, and also discussed the need to bring more Spirituality into the work of the United Nations. He has given talks on Green Spirituality at the U.K. Green Party National conferences, the Big Green Gathering, the Climate Camps, the Campaign against Climate Change Forums and the Birmingham Inter-faith group. He is available for workshops on green spirituality.

Contact: Chris Philpott • 01926 735626 • 07503 748369 •
  Andy Paice - People's Assemblies
Our current system of representative democracy likes to think of itself as the pinnacle of governance. Yet everywhere our institutions are in crisis... So what comes next? Can we collectively give birth to genuine systems of democracy built on shared responsibility and peopleís participation? Are there ways in which we can use our diverse opinions, ideologies and perspectives to serve the collective rather than divide it? How do we create a society in which people feel empowered rather than apathetic? This talk will look into the vast potentials of Peopleís Assemblies and direct democracy.
Andy Paice is a former Buddhist monk with a passion for building bridges between spirituality, psychology and social and political activism. He is currently participating in the organisation of Peopleís Assemblies around London, particularly in Dalston, Hackney.
Contact: People's Assemblies Network • 07733 555087 •
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Ian R Crane - Surviving the Financial Meltdown - Financial Terrorism Exposed
Over the past 18 months, Ian R Crane has been sharing his unique insights into the globalist master plan with packed audiences across the UK and Ireland, examining why Iceland and Ireland were the guinea pigs for a forthcoming massive financial swindle, orchestrated by global financiers. He said, "Once you understand what the eventual goal is for the global society, then actions in the present, which seem irrational or bizarre, become far easier to comprehend -and easier to prepare for whatís coming next!". Former oil industry executive Ian Crane has become one of the leading authorities in deep geopolitics, where geographic, economic, social and political issues meet.
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John Witterick - Get Out of Debt Free
What have the rules of Monopoly have to do with getting out of debt? Find out now with this 30 minute lighthearted but powerful presentation by Jon Witterick, offering a unique insight into dealing with debt, Lawfully, Honestly and Truthfully. Learn how Banks and the Courts conspire to rob you of your money. Learn how debt collectors intimidate you and trick you into contracts and learn how to empower yourself by using some strategies and simple rules. Their plan is to take you for every penny you have! Your plan is to stop them!
Jon Witterick: Has been working to spread the truth for almost ten years. A qualified lecturer and complementary therapist, he spends most of his time working on the website, doing talks, interviews around the country and recently making appearances on Edgemedia and Paradigm Shift TV
Contact: 07841 478195 •

Mira Tekelova - Positive Money
The banking is become socially destructive, sucking the life out of the real economy, contributing to poverty and crushing debt and destroying the environment at the same time. We're campaigning for a banking system that works for society and not against it. Regaining power over money can reduce poverty, debt and inequality, and unlock the funding for a transition to green and sustainable energy.
Mira Tekelova: works on the Positive Money campaign trying to promote the awareness about our debt-based money by the public. She became interested in the monetary reform ideas after she realized that the way money is created is the root underlying cause of poverty and most of our social problems today.
Contact: 07868 550690 •

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Polly Higgins - Ecocide: the fifth Crime Against Peace
This talk provides a crash course on what laws work, what doesn't and what new laws are needed to prevent the damage, destruction and loss of our ecosystems.
Polly Higgins, author of 'Eradicating Ecocide', barrister and international environmental lawyer has proposed a law of Ecocide to be classed as an international law alongside Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, Crimes of Aggression and War Crimes as a 5th Crime Against Peace. Exposing the corporate and political practices that are destroying the planet, Polly will discuss the laws needed to eradicate ecocide. Eradicating Ecocide: Laws and Governance to Prevent the Destruction of our Planet is published by Shepheard-Walwyn, price £17.95.

Bristol Water Research Group - Water security-challenges;Water and Health
In this workshop we will look at modelling of water dynamics, flood modelling, planning and mitigation. Managing increasingly scarce water resources is one of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century. Now more than ever it is vitally important that applied research on technical water issues needs to link up with "blue skies thinking" so that new solutions can be found.
The BWRG is centrally interested in making those linkages - between water sector practitioners and theorists, between the growing water NGO community and academics, between local communities at risk of flood and/or drought and interdisciplinary specialists.
Contact: Dr Chad Staddon & Olayide Fatoyinbo: 0117 965 6261 ext 86452, 0117 328 3214 -

Steve Charter - Permaculture
Steve Charter has worked in the mainstream sustainability field since 1993, and has also been involved in the grass-roots raw food and permaculture worlds since 1994. He is a permaculture teacher and diploma tutor, was raw vegan for 11 years and is now mainly raw vegetarian (on the raw path since ’94), was a co-founder of the Ecoforest project in Spain and lived there in an army surplus tent off-grid from 2000-05. He now lives in a community in West Sussex (with biomass heating system, small CSA [project, etc), near Forest Row. He has worked as a sustainability consultant with a main focus on sustainable construction skills and training since 2005, and is a member of one of the four DECC policy fora for the Green Deal. He is author of Eat More Raw Too.2; The Earth Dwellers Guide to Sustainability; Sustainability, Consciousness and Climate Change, and is currently working on a ‘revolutionary’ novel called Sufficient Freedom – and is a supporter of Tony Wright’s work, as described in Tony’s book Left in the Dark.
Chris Tomlinson - Guerrillas Of Love - All about Guerrila Gardening:
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